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Bakery Kitchen


A bakery is most notably known for the baked products, baked products have existed for thousands of years. The art of baking is started in the Roman Empire. On the occasion of the feast, weddings and etc baking products were most famous among the Roman citizens. The area were these bakery products are made is known as a bakery kitchen. In bakeries, mold container is used inside a bakery kitchen to give a perfect shape and size to the finished products. In the past, recent years bakery kitchen covers large space for the manufacturing of products, while nowadays these spaces have reduced to small space and cover less area as compared to previous bakeries. At Raunak Kitchen we manufacture and supply bakery kitchen equipment that is developed with modern techniques and modern approach. There are still many more bakery kitchen products to show. For more information contact us or You can visit our office in Mumbai, Udupi, and Mangalore.